Disney faces legal action over accommodations for guests with autism

rollercoaster amusement park boy and father fmailyIBCCES works with travel and hospitality organizations around the world, such as resorts, hotels, museums and theme parks, to ensure their staff are trained and certified to accommodate guests with autism and other special needs. We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but that it is a business requirement for these organizations to continue serving their guests and providing AMAZING experiences.

Recently, Disney has been in the news due to legal issues arising from its accommodations specifically for guests on the autism spectrum.

“A federal appeals court Friday said a trial is needed in a legal battle about whether Disney theme parks have taken adequate steps to meet the needs of customers who have autism and cannot wait long times for rides.”

The outcome of these actions is still to be determined; however, this case, and many others, highlights the need for organizations to ensure they have a thorough understanding of guests’ needs and a comprehensive strategy to welcome ALL guests.