Autism Travel Made Easier: A Firsthand Account at Sawgrass Marriott

Enjoying nature at Sawgrass Marriott- Calming parts of nature good for AutismTraveling can be stressful for families with individuals on the autism spectrum, and IBCCES has been partnering with travel destinations such as Sawgrass Marriott to make traveling easier by providing autism training and certifications to hotels, resorts, amusement parks, aquariums and zoos.

Larry Celzo recently stayed at Sawgrass Marriott to compare the experience of visiting a Certified Autism Center like the Sawgrass Marriott to other family vacations he’s taken with his sons. Training and certification are important so staff can better meet the needs of families who have children on the autism spectrum and make a positive impact on their experience.

Every certified destination offers a variety of ways that they are prepared to accommodate people on the autism spectrum, but the common factor is that all CACs have completed research-based  autism training.

Here’s what Larry had to say about the Sawgrass Marriott after his experience:

“It was great to make memories with a family experience this weekend at the Sawgrass Marriott, who truly reflected an environment of being beyond autism friendly.

Sawgrass Marriott personalized snacks and food for guest with autismMy son, who is on the autism spectrum, had such a great time while his little brother and I felt at total ease with the staff we interacted with. I was thankful for the nearby chairs for my son to relax in while being in close proximity to me as I checked us in with the front lobby staff who provided us with the utmost in customer service.

We parked within a very short walking distance to the door of our villa and were greeted by a personalized spread of premium snacks and drinks! We were within a short and very scenic walking distance to the resort’s restaurants.

The surroundings of our nature walk were very tranquil and peaceful, perfect for my son to acclimate to his sensory needs.

We experienced breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the resort with a top notch experience.

The hostess and chef at Vernon’s Restaurant were so engaged with us as if we were part of their family.

Giant Connect Four at Sawgrass Marriott great for son with autismMy son with autism enjoyed the surrounding amenities including the outside ping pong table and oversized Connect Four game! It was during this trip we learned he liked and learned how to play ping pong!

My son was filled with a sense of calmness and relaxation as his little brother and I enjoyed some quality time with him sitting around the fire pit with a backdrop of some of the most amazing views of Mother Nature.

My son’s little brother also enjoyed the experience as well. A quote from him: “Sawgrass Marriott Resort was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Everyone was so friendly, and the food was a 10 out of 10! I am really looking forward to having another great experience and checking out Chef Mama T’s Sunday Brunch again at Vernon’s Restaurant!”

I would certainly recommend the Sawgrass Marriott to any family affected by autism for a relaxing getaway vacation where you can be engaged with a staff who understand our day-to-day Autistic lifestyles.”

Larry Celzo

Child with autism playing ping pong at Sawgrass Marriott

Child with autism relaxing around the fire at Sawgrass Marriott after a long day