As the industry leader in Autism training and certification, our international exposure to teachers and licensed healthcare professionals gives us direct access to parents all over the globe. While a lot of research shows us that travel is one of the most intellectually stimulating events for individuals on the spectrum, there are very few travel options for parents. Our goal with Autism Travel is to help the leading travel destinations in the world create safe sensory friendly certified travel options for parents and individuals on the spectrum. Autism Travel will also provide parents with a community to share ideas, plan trips with other families and explore travel options at some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Let Us Help You

We know that your family faces enormous challenges every day: Multiple Therapy Sessions, Challenging School Schedules, Health Insurance or just getting through the day. As a result, many individuals with autism and their families do not travel because they are concerned with the changes and disruptions in routines that traveling today requires. As a parent of an individual on the spectrum you can be assured that the destinations featured on Autism Travel have completed an in-depth training and certification program that is second to none. The organizations we work with are truly committed to improving the quality of life for both the parents and the individual on the spectrum.

Taking a vacation together, as a family, can be one of the bigger challenges and we are here to help you turn that challenge around so that you can have a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

What We Do

At IBCCES, the goal of our board is to ensure the development and delivery of world class training and certification programs that will help improve the overall quality of care and education for individuals with cognitive disorders. The Board represents a wide range of the leading cognitive experts from all over the world, including BCBAs, researchers from the leading universities, state-level special education directors and business leaders, as well as clinicians in the fields mental health, SLPs, occupational therapists and parents.

We have established the industry standards for the Certified Autism Specialist, Autism Certificate and the Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. These credentials ensure that professionals remain current and up to date in the field of autism and other cognitive disorders. We ensure competency by requiring that individuals remain up to date in the field, comply with a rigorous list of requirements, participate in ongoing education and pass a competency examination.

Stephen ShoreDr. Stephen Shore, Ed.D, CAS
Professor at Adelphi University, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Autism Expert
New York City, NY

Tina AndersonDr. Tina C. Anderson, Ph.D., LLC
Special Education Program Coordinator at University of Georgia
Atlanta, GA

Kelly Flaherty-ClarkKelly Flaherty Clark
Director, Zoological Operations, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment / President, IMATA
Orlando, FL

Pamela RollinsPamela R. Rollins, MS Ed.D., SLP
Associate Professor
Dallas, TX

Ed SteinbergEd Steinberg, Ph.D., PsyD
Former State Director of Special Education
Denver, CO

Lois BradyLois Jean Brady, CCC, SLP, CAS
Speech Pathologist, AT, CAS, Author, Developer & Producer of Autism Today TV & Newspaper
San Francisco, CA

Kevin CusterKevin Custer
Board of Directors Autism Society of America, President Autism Society of Colorado
Denver, CO

Eric RossenEric Rossen
Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Director Of Professional Development & Standards For NASP
Silver Spring, MD

Brandy KillianBrandy Killian, M.S., CAS
Licensed School Psychologist
Ponte Vedra, FL

Bruce WexlerBruce E. Wexler, M.D., CAS
Neuroscientist at Yale School of Medicine, Leading Autism Researcher
New Haven, CT

Anne HolmesAnne S. Holmes, MS, CCC, BCBA, CAS
Board Director Autism Society of America, VP of the Division of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Robbinsville, NJ

Kerry MagroKerry Magro
Award-Winning Disability Advocate, Best-Selling Author
New York, NY

Chrisford FordChristopher T. Ford, USAF (Ret.)
Founder and CEO of NAVSO (National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations)

Lida CitroenLida Citro├źn
Principal, LIDA360, LLC
Denver, CO

Myron PincombMyron Pincomb
Board Chairman
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL