Frequently Asked Questions

Autism Travel is a resource provided by IBCCES to help parents understand their options for travel. This site has resources and tools that have all gone through training and/or certification to become a trusted option for parents to travel. The purpose is to give parents and families that extra boost of confidence in choosing a safe and secure travel option that can accommodate all family members.
Autism Travel is not a direct travel site. Although we offer Certified Autism Travel Professionals (CATP) to help families with their customized travel packages, we are a resource page offering families with children or loved ones on the spectrum to have options that are certified and qualified to help their specific needs. Autismtravel offers everything from certified therapist resources, to the latest destinations that would be best suited for unique needs, to parent and professional bloggers sharing the latest research and experiences for autism and travel.
It’s difficult to find a true certified destination center that is certified in Autism related services. We advise regularly checking our site ( first to see who the latest destinations and attractions have been named a certified center by IBCCES. With a growing need for these credentials, destinations and businesses are training their staff and completing certifications every day! If you have a local or national organization you’d like to nominate or feel should be more Autism friendly, contact us to tell us more!
We love community involvement on our site. We believe the more certified resources available to parents and families, the more we can help this growing dilemma of travel frustrations. You can email us – IBCCES Director of Strategic Partners and share your ideas on how to get involved!
Being certified is something we strongly hold our resources to. There are several certification programs available through IBCCES. You can view the requirements for CAC here, for CATP here, and for CAR here .
You’re in the right place! Autism Travel is your best first step. Feel free to research our featured destinations, read through family and professional blogger suggestions and experiences, speak with our Certified Autism Travel Professionals, or start a chat in our community discussion area. We offer a safe and resourceful site to explore all your options to give you that extra peace of mind.
Yes. Planning travel for a family is difficult enough, we want families with children on the Spectrum to have that trained professional to assist them in all their booking needs and concerns. Our Certified Travel Professionals have all gone through education and training to hold this credential and provide your family with the most customized travel services.
Congratulations on booking your autism friendly vacation! We are happy to help with where to go from here. Your Certified Autism Travel Professional will be able to offer you with so many great tips and accommodations throughout your stay. Our certified therapists can help with any sensory or behavior concerns you may have and our IBCCES toll free 1-800 number can help as well. Explore our Certified Autism Resource section of our site. This will offer you our preferred items you can purchase prior to date of departure. Finally, navigate our bloggers section for any latest experiences and suggestions from those who know it best!
We love them too! Check out and purchase our suggested Certified Autism Resources here.
We know how dietary restrictions can affect family travel, we can help! Our Certified Travel Professionals are directly in contact with your resort or destination to arrange special accommodations. Certain resorts can send the menu ahead of time just by requesting through your Certified Autism Travel Professional.
It’s Easy! We have many opportunities for you to increase your knowledge and credentials in the field of autism. IBCCES Certification programs can be reviewed at
Absolutely. Each day we work with attractions and destination centers to train and certify their staff in autism. Check back to our site regularly to find out the newest attractions who have become Certified Autism Centers and ready to make your travel experience more enjoyable for you and your family!
Identifying is important. It helps the certified staff know who may need that extra accommodations or need that sensitivity to care while visiting. Our certified centers and staff want to help. Check with your designated Certified Autism Travel Professional for Identification options for your specific travel destination.
We are so happy to hear that! You and so many other families have experienced vacations second to none from our certified training programs and resources and we want to share it with others. Visit our Parent Community forum on our main page or contact us directly. 1-877-717-6543 x2 or We love feedback and want to share your great experience with other families!

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), was established in 2001 to meet the training credentialing needs of professionals who work with individuals with special needs and cognitive disorders. IBCCES has since expanded into over 40 different countries with training centers and members across the globe.

IBCCES established the industry standards for the Certified Autism Specialist™ and the Board Certified Cognitive Specialist™. These two programs are recognized around the world as the leading benchmark for training and certification in the areas of Autism and other cognitive disorders. In addition to the two flagship programs, IBCCES has multiple certification programs designed around cognitive disorders.

We have established the industry standards for the Certified Autism Specialist, Autism Certificate and the Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. These credentials ensure that professionals remain current and up to date in the field of autism and other cognitive disorders. We ensure competency by requiring that individuals remain up to date in the field, comply with a rigorous list of requirements, participate in ongoing education and pass a competency examination.