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IBCCES is working to improve travel options for families. We certify organizations in the following ways:

A Certified Autism Center (CAC) is a facility or organization in which at least 80% of their staff is highly trained, fully equipped and certified in the field of autism. A CAC can range in specific specialty areas such as educational facilities, healthcare, recreational etc. A CAC would primarily be a facility or organization that has a dedication to serving individuals with autism and are committed to ongoing training in autism.

Advanced Certified Autism Center (ACAC) level 2 certification were created by board of industry experts including physicians, therapist, parents, travel executives and individuals with autism and other cognitive disorders. The goal is to take the industry leading CAC program to the next level and recognize organizations that are going above and beyond to prepare for guest with cognitive disorders.

ACC city

Autism Certified City (ACC) ensures that all areas of a city, including healthcare, education, local government, hospitality, leisure, manufacturing and corporate members are trained and certified to deliver their product or service to guests or staff with autism and other cognitive disorders.

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Certified Autism Destination (CAD) makes visitors with autism or sensory needs feel welcomed, safe, and above all, have fun! Becoming a CAD means a majority of tourism related organizations have completed autism and sensory disorder sensitivity and awareness training and completed an onsite review with IBCCES.

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