Achieving Success in Autism Friendly Travel: Planning

By Dr. Stephen Shore, Internationally-recognized Autism Speaker, Professor, Author

It all starts with an idea… Disney World, one of the Beaches Resorts, or a cruise in the Mediterranean. In the nexus of places to visit and available supports for the person with autism is the perfect spot for you and your family. The first step – as with any travel – is reviewing possible venues via their websites, possibly travel agents, and other accessible material.

After identifying the place(s) of interest it’s important to learn how the environment, activities, climate, and other aspects of the venue may affect the person on the autism spectrum. For example, will it be loud and overwhelming? Will there be quiet places to go if you and/or the person with autism need to take a break? If the person has heat sensitivity will there be a place to cool down?

Check our destinations page for venues putting forth efforts to be autism friendly.

Once you’ve found a suitable place, check back for future postings on and preparing the person with autism and yourself for the trip, packing, and selecting the best mode of travel.

Please share your experiences in finding places to travel.

Dr. Shore is an autism expert and advocate, Professor Adelphi University, Best Selling Author, and International Speaker. Dr. Shore has contributed his travel suggestions to serve as a contributing resource for Autism Travel.