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Our goal with Autism Travel is to help the leading travel destinations in the world create safe, sensory friendly certified travel options for parents and individuals on the spectrum. Autism travel also provides parents with a community to share ideas, plan trips with other families, and explore travel options at some of the most beautiful places in the world. The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), was established in 2001 to meet the training credentialing needs of professionals who work with individuals with special needs and cognitive disorders. IBCCES has since expanded into over 40 different countries with training centers and members across the globe. Every day we train and certify physicians, therapist and teachers on the latest research-proven techniques on how to teach and treat individuals on the spectrum. As a parent of an individual on the spectrum you can be assured that the destinations featured on Autism Travel have completed an in-depth training and certification program that is second to none. The organizations we work with are truly committed to improving the quality of life for both the parents and the individual on the spectrum. (Learn More)

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Autism Travel Blog

My Special Boy With Needs

By Angela Drews-Weaver

We are a blended family of five. I am a step-mom, adopted mom and a birth mom. My adopted son has sensory issues, anxiety, ADD fetal alcohol, as well as is on the spectrum. He is a wonderful, delightful little boy who doesn’t quite understand his needs. It can be challenging going to the grocery store with him, let alone plan a vacation.

I am an on-the-go kind of person. As my husband says, I can’t sit still. So every day I have to plan my day and pick and choose what’s in the best interest for my son as well as the rest of the family. It’s so stressful trying to find the right fit for my son. Read more ยป