Taking a vacation together as a family can be challenging. We created Autism Travel to provide families and individuals with easy access to destinations and attractions that are trained and certified in autism and special needs care.

Each of these destinations holds the international recognition as a Certified Autism Center. They have successfully completed extensive training from leading autism experts and have designed specialized programs for guests with autism and other sensory disorders.
These travel professionals hold the designation of a Certified Autism Travel Professional and have demonstrated that they are both knowledgeable and capable of providing support and travel-related services to an individual on the autism spectrum as well as their family.
We understand that traveling with an individual with special needs can be challenging. Our expert team of therapists, physicians and parents have selected and reviewed a selection of resources and tools designed to make traveling with your children as painless as possible.
Kerry Magro
Advocate, public speaker living on the spectrum.

AutismTravel.com is paving the way to make sure all people with autism feel included within our society. Growing up with sensory challenges due to having autism I continue to applaud the work that they do to help families enjoy experiences I had challenges facing as a child. When an organization becomes a Certified Autism Center they show the world they are taking steps to be a more inclusive place for all.

Larry Celzo
Parent of child on the spectrum

AutismTravel.com gives families like mine a stronger sense of hope that more theme parks/resorts, restaurants, theaters, cruise ships, airlines, etc are trained and certified in the skills they need to accommodate families on the autism spectrum so that they can also live and experience the typical dream of making great family memories together.

Parent of child on the spectrum

As a mom of three boys, two with Autism and sensory processing issues, it’s such a great comfort to now have a wide range of Certified Autism Centers to choose from when selecting a destination for our next family vacation.

Dr. Stephen Shore
Dr. Stephen Shore
University professor, world-class public speaker living on the spectrum

I am so excited to finally see a comprehensive travel resource for parents. As an adult on the spectrum I find it therapeutic to travel but as a child my parents never had these options for me.

Todd-Hickey Cropped
Todd Hickey
Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa
General Manager

We are so proud to have become a Certified Autism Center after our associates went through specialized training provided by the wonderful staff of IBCCES. Families that live with autism can feel comfortable knowing our employees understand their needs. We have continuing education and videos available today to help us maintain this caring and inclusive culture throughout our resort.

Dr. Christopher O'Shea
Parent of child on the spectrum

Traveling to a destination where the staff are trained to recognize and address the needs of children on the Autism Spectrum simply makes our trip less stressful and more enjoyable. We know that once we arrive on resort that the stress of the trip is over and we can relax without having to worry over what the next meal will be or how the staff will react to the kids. It give us the freedom to enjoy a vacation in the same way that ‘regular’ families can.

Provided by IBCCES

IBCCES – the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards – is the global leader in training and certification programs that help organizations better serve guests and clients with cognitive disorders, including autism, sensory disorders, and other, sometimes invisible, disorders and disabilities. We work to create inclusion and acceptance for these individuals with research-based training and certification programs designed for a variety of industries.

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Over 1,000 parents who have a child on the spectrum were asked:

Do you currently take vacations as a family?

Would you be more inclined to travel if autism certified options were available?

Are you satisfied with current travel options for families with autism?

Do you look to physicians or therapists for travel approval?

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