Expert Autism Travel Tips and Anecdotes – Dr. Stephen Shore

Published 23 Sep

One of our esteemed Advisory Board Members, Dr. Stephen Shore, was recently interviewed by Guest Editor, Gretchen McIntire (Leary), for Zoom Autism Magazine. Dr. Shore is a professor at Adelphi University, best-selling author, international speaker and autism expert. He provided valuable travel…

Family enjoying Waterpark

8 Water Safety Tips for Autistic Children

Published 29 Apr

Water safety is extremely important for individuals on the autism spectrum to learn in their lives. They tend to have an affinity for water, which is part of the reason why drowning is one of the most common causes of…


Managing Expectations When Traveling

Published 12 Oct

Contributed by: Melissa A. Rowan – Certified Autism Travel Professional, Travel Consultant | Make Incredible Memories Travel  Children giggling and whispering contentedly in the backseat of the car with nary an argument.  Cherubic children sleeping peacefully in their beds – where they…

Summer Camp Tips

Published 09 Mar

By Kerry Magro, award-winning national speaker, author, and advocate To pick the best summer camp options for your loved one on the autism spectrum, try to gather as much information as possible ahead of time. Here are some questions and…