LEGOLAND® Korea Resort

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort is Korea’s first global theme park to provide the best entertainment experience for family customers. A proud addition to the global LEGOLAND® as the 10th park, LEGOLAND® Korea Resort is entirely managed—from investment to operation—by Merlin Entertainments, a leading European and the world’s second-largest tourist attraction operator.

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort, built in Jungdo, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, a place where all the pristine blessings of nature unfold, represents the first LEGOLAND® built on an island and one of the most beautiful LEGOLAND® parks in the world.

LEGOLAND® Park consists of seven theme areas inspired by the Lego series, which is most popular with children, and features about 40 rides, attractions, and shows.  The LEGOLAND Hotel, built with the Lego theme, is a complex resort where you can enjoy a comprehensive range of Lego entertainment elements while providing a comfortable resting place for children and families. A total of 154 rooms are themed in four popular Lego series, including Friends, Ninjago, Pirates, and Kingdom. Depending on the size and location, the rooms are divided into premium (33~44㎡), suite (47㎡), and deluxe suite (58㎡)

Looking to the future, Merlin and LEGOLAND® are committed to providing improved facilities and expanded services through ongoing investments in LEGOLAND® Korea Resort, ensuring the continuous delivery of unforgettable experiences to children and families visiting the resort.

LEOGLAND® Korea Resort respects diversity and strives to provide the best experience for all visitors, ensuring that they do not encounter any inconveniences. Among various efforts, we offer disabled-friendly facilities and convenient services.

Firstly, LEGOLAND Korea Resort operates a disability-friendly program called ‘Hero Pass.’ This program is available to anyone with a disability at LEGOLAND. Additionally, one companion, including the eligible person, can enter for free. Customers with the Hero Pass also enjoy priority access to all rides within LEGOLAND.

Secondly, LEGOLAND Korea Resort is well-equipped with disability-friendly facilities. The park’s attractions are designed to be accessible for wheelchair users, and all facilities within the park are equipped with disability-friendly amenities to ensure easy mobility. For wheelchair and stroller users, high steps and stairs have been removed from all facilities. Family restrooms for people with disabilities are provided in every restroom. Moreover, out of a total of 154 rooms in LEGOLAND Hotel, 7 are operated as disability-friendly rooms. This exceeds the legal standard of 3% in Korea and is set at a 5% level. Disability-friendly rooms offer shower rooms and shower chairs instead of bathtubs for convenience. Safety bars are also installed in various locations in the restrooms.

Lastly, LEGOLAND Korea Resort operates the ‘Merlin Magic Wand’ program. This program invites people in need, single-parent families, and children with disabilities to LEGOLAND, providing them with a magical day and a healing experience. Notably, LEGOLAND makes a significant effort by inviting 300 families of people with disabilities from across the country to LEGOLAND Park on April 20th, National Disability Day, every year since its opening in 2022.

These initiatives demonstrate the commitment of LEGOLAND Korea Resort to ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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128 Hajungdo-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 24240, Korea