Potters Wax Museum  (part of Old Town Trolley Tours & Attractions of St. Augustine)

Potters Wax Museum (part of Old Town Trolley Tours & Attractions of St. Augustine)

In 1948, George Leonard Potter turned his dream into a reality and officially opened the first wax museum in the United States. Known as Potter’s International Hall of Fame, the original museum housed well over 200 wax figures in a two-story building located at 1 King Street in historic St. Augustine. By the 1970s, it was recognized as the second-largest wax museum in the world.

In 2014, the museum moved to its current location, inside the Oldest Drug Store at 31 Orange Street. Over the years, Potter’s Wax Museum has become one of the most iconic and popular St. Augustine attractions.

The exceptional likeness of each figure to the person they represent is thanks to the intricate process used to create them, which can be seen during your visit. The costume collection is valued at over $1,000,000 and features handmade ornate antique garments. Each figure is handmade using traditional techniques and materials. Much of the work takes place on-site in the Wax Studio, offering guests the opportunity to observe and interact with the artists.

Peppered with educational information and fun facts, Potter’s Wax Museum showcases the achievements and creations that have shaped our world. Come face-to-face with courage and innovation and mingle with greatness and incredible talents! Be amazed at the detailed craftsmanship used to faithfully portray some of the most influential and remarkable personalities in our history from around the world.

Potter’s Wax Museum is wheelchair accessible.

31 Orange Street, St. Augustine, FL, Florida, United States 32084 St. Johns County