Like being in Mexico City in the 1950’s. Food and cocktails that awaken the senses.

Tac/Quila is our made up word for combining gourmet Jalisco style cuisine with specialty tequilas and mezcals, in an effort to transport our guests south of the border and into a culture rich in flavor, color, art, and authenticity.

Our goal is to bring you authentic cuisine, crafted by experienced chefs, passionate about exposing you to the best Mexico has to offer. We believe your experience at Tac/Quila should involve the highest quality ingredients, the best possible people, and a rich, inviting ambiance, that reflects the heart and soul of Mexico.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and autism acceptance, we are happy to assist in providing stimulant and anti-stimulant aids where appropriate, arranging pre-paid meals to assist in streamlining your stay and alerting guests’ service team to any specific approach that can help you enjoy your time at the restaurant. Please email us at host@tacquila.com ahead of your visit if you’ll be needing special attention and arrangements.

415 N Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, California, CA, United States 92262