Travel Tools

IBCCES is proud to offer preferred travel tools. These tools have proven beneficial in the ease of family travel with autism. After completing our board review and approval as a useful resource in coping strategies for children, the travel tool is registered as a Certified Autism Resource (CAR).

Certified Autism Resources:


The Dreampad is a therapeutic pillow which plays music through gentle vibration. The vibration has a calming effect on the nervous system, and is especially helpful for the hyper-arousal and anxiety that can accompany autism. Research shows the Dreampad to be effective for falling asleep, staying asleep, and improving daytime behavior. It is helpful for both children and adults, on and off the spectrum. An additional benefit is that only the user can hear the music.

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Personalize the TwiddleNathan with the user’s own favorite fidgets. Ideal for home, therapy clinics, and ”safe spaces” at school and other group settings.

Lightly-weighted TwiddleNathan helps youngsters find that “just-right zone” for maintaining attention and appropriate behavior for tasks and activities—and assists in developing fine motor control and skills, and improving strength and dexterity. Crafted from cozy, durable faux suede and plush fleece, the Nathan features high-grade fidgets attached with ribbon loops that snap, to enable switching around and substituting fidgets for variety’s sake or training purposes.

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